Tuesday, November 14, 2006

About Me

About Me :--- Pastor G.C Rupas Kumar

Greetings and most rejoyful wishes to you in the

precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I am pastor G.C.Rupas Kumar from India. Doing lords
ministry. It is my pleasure to have this opportunity
of sharing these few lines with you regarding our
works of lord.

GOSPEL: Here all our works are going well by Grace of
God. We are able to find amazing results through our
regular activities. We are going on with the Gospel
out reach service in different rural unreached
villages. Thus we are bringing many unknown people in
his path and many people are accepting our lord Jesus
Christ as their personal saviour.

PLANTING CHURCHES: The churches in rural and tribal
areas collapsed to cyclones and floods. The people are
worshipping our lord under the trees. By the grace of
our lord we are praying and planning to RC construct
the churches. In Rural and Tribal areas. Please pray
in this matter. But still we need to establish many in
our intention to flourish the kingdom of lord. We are
praying for your kindness which can encourage us in
all through our motives. We are most anticipating for
your deserved supports which will carry up the
greatest value in love of lord. You may be blessed
with all comforts to share with us.

ORPHANAGE: I really praise and thank God that He has
privileged me just to knock at your door with the
promise and hope what it would be opened. It is just
to share with you something about the orphanage have
been running for the last few years. In case of this I
most sincerely request you to keep into our orphan
home and you will certainly Have a room for them in
your generous heart and mind, would you please make a
commitment? Thank you very much. But I assure you of
Gods obediently blessings to you. Christianity in
India is considered to be the basest religion and
Christians have no honors in the society. It is
because of thief poverty and illiteracy. They work as
lab ours in the fields for the land Lords. So every
day they depend on their potluck. Most of them live in
huts at the out skirts of the village. We are regular
victims of cyclones, floods and fire accidents which
take away thousands of the lives of these down trodden
creatures. Consequently their children become orphans.
In such a condition we have been doing our level best
to do whatever we can. But many times we fail to feed
them and give them shelter for our resources are very
limited. We have to feed them twice a day send them To
school, provide them clothing and covering and pay
their medical bills. You know these things not
possible for a single weak man like me. I earnestly
need the hand of a strong person like you. The Single
penny you send may wipe the drop of tear on the tender
cheek of the innocent kid. If we leave him to his
fate, he is starved to death. Your little help may
save the orphan from starvation. It is no claim at
all. It entirely depends on your generosity and
charity. Your compassion and sympathy cannot be barred
any thing on the earth. If you ask me I will send you
the horrible and heart rending life histories of the
pathetic creatures along with photographs. Some of
their mothers were gang raped, some of their mothers
were killed by fathers, some by mothers in law. Some
they losed their parents in cyclones, and floods, and
Earthquakes, and Tsunami.The incidents make an
indelible impression on the minds of the kids. We
regularly find them in rains, markets, Railway
stations in a very miserable condition. Jesus said
theirs is the kingdom of God. But quite contrary to
that they live in the dark world. Is it not your and
my responsibility to bring them in to the world of
light and life. please share it with your fellow
beings and encourage them to come our way. I really
hope one day we will be together to establish the
kingdom of love, Truth and life.

Sincerely yours in His Vine Yard,
Your Brother in Christ


Ambedkar Colony, Ponnur– 522 124,
Guntur District., A.P. S.India

Pastor G.C , Care for orphan kids

Pastor G.C care for the orphan kids

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Pastor G.C. Rupas Kumar Care for the Needy people

Pastor G.C.Rupas Kumar care for the Needy people.